23/06/08 Thank to all the people who have emailed in recently with suggestions for places to add. I will add as many as possible. As this is a hobby for me it can sometimes be difficult to remain focused. Each email reminds me that there are others out there that see the same appeal in Art Deco around Sydney. My next goal is to have an interactive blog on this site so that people can list their own buildings...so come back soon.

29/1/08: Added MLC, Australian Provincial Association, 20th Century Fox

9/12/07:Updated the history page, added a house in Cammeray, Feltex House, AWA building.

19/08/07: Added Luna Park Entrance, Alfred St Gate, Women's and Childrens Hospital, Marlborough Hotel, Alfred Hotel, Petersham Hotel, North Sydney Pool, Mont Clair

UPDATE: Its been awhile but i have now added a good 20 photos. Check out the Public Houses page for more details.15/08/07

I was first drawn to Art Deco Architechture by this old Cinema we used to drive past as a kid. Being a lot older now and having more time and resources on my hand, I decided a good challenge would be to photograph and post as many of the Art Deco buildings in Sydney I could find, and perhaps a little blurb about their history.

I certainly underestimated the number of buildings there were, and the fact that many fine examples exist relatively untouched in the west and south of Sydney. Some have been added (let's call it Art Deco Greater Sydney then :-)).

I have not studied Architecture nor Art, my knowledge and appreciation is merely amateur. The task is huge and ever evolving, if there is a building significant that you feel I should photograph and add, then let me know by clicking on the contact button to the left.